The review of employment contracts

Have you been offered a new role and have you received an employment contract? If you are unfamiliar with Dutch law you may feel uncertain about some of the terms. We are happy to provide legal advice in English.

We have extensive expertise in advising expats on employment contracts. We can advise you on the validity of the terms in the employment contract, such as the probation period or the non-competition clause and the applicability of a collective labour agreement. We can also assist you with negotiating the terms of your employment contract.

Fixed fee arrangement for review and zoom meeting

Our lawyers are pleased to review your employment contract for a fixed fee of € 295.- (including 21% VAT). We offer the following services:

  • An in-depth review of your employment contract (max 10 pages);
  • A discussion of your employment contract during a Zoom meeting (max 30 minutes).

If your employment contract contains more than 10 pages or if you wish us to review additional documents/addenda, we can make additional arrangements for a fixed fee. If you require further written advice this can of course also be arranged. 

Drafting employment agreements for start-ups and small businesses

We also assist start-ups and small businesses with drafting employment agreements. Please contact us if you wish to be provided with a fixed fee.